Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of celebrating with Sheyna and Jonathan the upcoming arrival of Sophie Joy. The weather was definitely not in our favor, but it all worked out and we had a great time of fellowship and showering! We were even able to set up a small separate celebration in honor of Levi becoming a Big Brother! We are trying to convince him that this is a great idea! Ha! We will see if our efforts pay off in just a few short weeks.

The Girls (L-R: Shane, Amber, Sheyna, (Sophie Joy), and Me

Levi "loving" on his little sister

Sophie, you don't know this yet, but these are just a few of the hands that will be holding you, feeding you, taking care of you! What a blessed little girl you are! (These are Sheyna, Jonathan, and Levi's hands)

These are a couple of Levi's friends...Kealey, Levi, and Walker. Have you ever tried to get a picture of 3 toddlers together? This is what comes of that.....

Daddy in waiting

Sheyna's mom, Janet. I am a horrible photographer and I got no pictures of Sheyna's dad (it was his first baby shower ever), or Jonathan's parents. However, Amber got many more pictures than I did so I am sure she can help me out on this. ;o)

Don't laugh at me. This is my first ever attempt at a diaper cake. I know it is kinda wonky...but can't you appreciate the simplicity of it with me?!? No??? Oh, well.

This should make up for it. This was Amber's great idea for favors. It is salt water taffy stuck onto skewers. It was tasty and soooo cute.

This is a picture Amber painted for Sophie's room. I could have taken a full shot so you could see all the cuteness of it but why would I do that? Only a seasoned photographer would do that. You will have to visit Amber's blog to see the whole thing when she gets it posted. You are welcome. The other cute things, that I did not photograph, were these buckets that we used. Shane is responsible for this idea. We had a pink bucket with Sophie's name on it that we used on the food table for chips. We had a blue one on Levi's table with chips in it. It is froo-froo baby showering at it's finest! (Again, maybe Amber has a picture...)

Look what I found! I did take a picture so we have evidence of Tom Pope going to a baby shower!!!!! (He is on the right). They look positively enthused to be there. (They really did enjoy it).

Finally, the cutest picture of them all:

And that, my friends, is how you throw a baby shower. You are welcome. We can't wait to meet you Sophie Joy!

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