Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Finale

Hi! I know it's been a while since I've posted but it's been quite a busy time. Here goes my list....

1. I went home last week. Hooray! I never thought I would love the sound of my dishwasher running and tv droning on in the background so much.

2. I am already gone again. And I am already missing the things I mentioned above.

3. The boys went to the race, er...water park....and it was postponed until Monday. Out the window went the plans to spend the day with Olin and Seth. They finally got home (waterlogged and all) early evening. They did get to see a few laps, finally.

4. I realized after last weekend that I don't like to be away from my husband overnight. I am good with him going out and having a good time but then he needs (I need) him to come home. ;o)

5. I got stuff in the mail from Tastefully Simple, thanks to my friend Angie having a party. I only tried the Key Lime Cheese Ball while I was at home but OH MY WORD was it worth it. Amazing. Simply amazing.

6. Congratulations to my cousin Rebekah in LA for moving out on her own for the first time! What a major move.....I am proud of you and will be praying for you!

7. "Infertile Myrtle" here is doing this thing called ovulation and my husband LOVES that I am whiny, hurting, moody, etc. He just loves it people.

8. I am wondering if putting that I was ovulation was way too much blog info. Oh may stop reading at any time.

9. bff S is in the mountains for the weekend and I am green with envy. I know, I know....thou shalt not covet thy neighbor and all of that. I'm just saying is all.....I WANT TO BE LAYING IN THE HAMMOCK IN THE BEAUTIFUL SPRING WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! that the outburst is over...

10. I am going to be able to meet up with another married couple that works for our same company tomorrow! They are on their way to OH from CA and we are on our way from OH to CA. We will be meeting somewhere in the middle. Yay! It's nice to be able to connect with people out here when we are away from home so much.

Well peeps, that's about it. I am sure that sometime in the next couple of days my hubs is going to ask me to post a blog to his...seeing as my bff and her hubs got him a new book for his birthday that he has been ravishing and writing about. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart. No, really.....thanks. Payback...Payback...Payback.) I will try to post again next week. Until next time.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Survey

1. Where was the very last place you went besides your house?
I am actually sitting in Indiana right now....I will be home again on Thursday!
2. What are you doing tonight?
I am having a relaxing night with the husband...he is watching the race and I am playing on the computer...
3. Who last texted you?
Umm....that would be a twitter from MckMama
4. Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone?
5. Do you get mad easily?
I can...I get stressed.
6. Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
I talk about them...which makes my husband very happy (not)
7. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
Spring and fall please
8. Who was the last person you were in a car with?
9. What color are your eyes?
10. Have you ever given up on someone but then went back to them later?
Yes. Not one of my proudest moments, but yes.
11. Have you ever thrown your cell phone in anger?
No, but I have threatened to many times...Olin always talks me off of that ledge.
12. Has anyone told you a secret lately that you aren’t allowed to tell anyone?
Yes. And if you know me you know it is the hardest thing ever for me to keep a secret.
13. Honestly, if you could go back six months and change something, would you?
Not really
14. Are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you?
Yes, pajama pants that I "borrowed" from
15. Do you have a lot on your mind at the moment?
Yes. Trying to get my lists made for the race next weekend...
16. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
If you are facing the bed I sleep on the left...
17. What is your favorite thing to shop for?
Recently it is for stuff for my apartment.
18. Who knows you better than you know yourself?
Olin and Sheyna can usually predict what I am going to
19. What are you doing this summer?
Working, spending time with Seth, not much of anything else.
20. Do you miss your past?
Nope, just my granny.
21. Did you ever have tea parties when you were younger?
I don’t think so.
22. What is your favorite line from a movie?
"I'm also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her." Notting Hill
23. Would you rather be the opposite sex?
24. What would you never name one of your children?
Barts (It was my grandmothers middle name)
25. What is the coolest restaurant you’ve ever been to?
I love the Cheesecake Factory in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue.
26. Where do you go when you want to get a really good sub sandwich?
Amy Beth, I hate the smell of Subway! I just thought I was weird. It is the smell of all of the bread rising, I think.
27. What style of house would you like to live in?
I love Cape-Cod style homes
28. Do you flip the channel when commercials come on?
I hate flipping....My husband loves it...Go figure.
29. Have you seen any of the Saw movies?
No. I am not a fan of horror at all.
30. What was your favorite book as a child?
The Princess and the Pea....My granny made me believe I was one...

I copied this survey from Amy Beth's post.....Feel free to copy and fill it out! Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Follow-Up Friday

Okay...any reason to make a list. I decided that once a week I will (attempt) to make a list following up anything eventful from the week. I think this will serve a dual purpose...One, just in case anyone ever reads my blog that I don't talk to on the phone all the time, they will feel caught up; and two-This will serve as a journal and record for me throughout the year. Now that we have that understanding:

1. I am quite amazed that we have been away from home this long and will be home in now less than 1 week! Let the countdown officially begin!
2. I am stressing about how hot it is going to be at Speed Street......However, my bff Sheyna is preggers and I think that serves as the PERFECT excuse that she needs to go to the hotel room and rest in the air conditioning...and I need to drive her. Thank me later, Sheyna...Thank me later.
3. I am officially booked for my first appointment at a fertility specialist. I had to pay them money so it made it real and freaked me out a little bit. I mean, what if I have 6 or 8??? I know....God only gives us what we can handle....
4. Please pray that my assigned doc, Dr. Katz, has the knowledge to know what Olin and I need to do and can understand all of my "issues". Also please pray that he is a doctor that is firm in his faith. I know that this isn't something I will probably readily see in the office, but I can pray for it.
5. Please also note that aforementioned doctor graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. He is already a genuis in my book. I wonder if I wear some type of Tarheel paraphenalia into the office it will make me his favorite patient? Hmmm...Note to self....
6. We have made it all the way across the country and have to be back in Kansas tomorrow...We are in Pennsylvania! My dear husband hasn't been able to sleep...UGH! I will wake him up in a bit.
7. Jon and Kate are disgusting! Although, popular opinion states, and I agree, that we are happy the media are finally catching on to who they really are.
8. I have found more blogs, with the help of Amber and Sheyna, to get attached to. My husband thanks you.
9. Please pray for baby Stellan...he has had some bradychardia (slow heart rate) and SVT tonight. According to the latest tweet, MckMama isn't handling it as well as she had hoped she would. Please cover this family in your prayers.
10. I laid in bed this week with my husband, ate strawberry ice cream, and watched Notting Hill. Does it get any better people?

I will let you all rest That was longer than I thought it would be. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. (You all meaning...the 3 people that actually read this). Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! I meant to post a letter to Olin on here for his birthday but I accidentally posted it on his blog so if you wanna read it just hop on over to Oops....Oh, well....I guess it's all the Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Infertile Myrtle start off I will tell you that I had planned to not post anything about my infertility on my blog. However, I realized that this is the one place that I can rant, rave, cuss, cry, or scream shouts of joy and not worry about it. Therefore, I shall post about my number one role in life right now as "infertile myrtle". Needless to say, the hubby and I are trying. I never knew you had to have the degree of a scientist for this stuff. Thank goodness I have an "ovary guru" who has walked this road before me and is only a phone call away....I mean, after all, what else does she have to do other than answer my phone calls? that we have that one out of the way... ;o) I realized this week what a weird time it was for us to attempt our first try. For the first time EVER on the road, I decided to get a Sunday paper because we are heading home soon and I wanted to clip coupons to do some grocery shopping. I also wanted to look through the sales papers. Well, lo and behold, if EVERY STINKING SALES PAPER was dedicated to....yep, Mom. I kinda laughed at the absurdity of it all. Not that buying a gift for your mom is absurd...but it reminded me that if our attempts were failed this month that I would find out on Mother's Day. Now this area of my life, along with several others, is where my Christian maturity really shines. I mean.....isn't it mature of me to kick, scream, and sometimes yell at God? Isn't that ok? Really? Hmmmm.......I thought it was. And sometimes I just feel like a failure as a wife. I get the big picture. I get that I have been blessed with a step-son who is adorable and that there are millions of kids that need to be adopted. I get that. I just want the waddle people. You know the one I speak of. The one that develops around 6 months into pregnancy when you have to lean back and catch yourself before you sit down. So...I would like to petition all of your prayers that not only is God's will done, but that I accept it, whatever it is. And....if you feel frisky....please pray that one day I get to waddle. :o) Until next time........