Friday, May 15, 2009

Follow-Up Friday

Okay...any reason to make a list. I decided that once a week I will (attempt) to make a list following up anything eventful from the week. I think this will serve a dual purpose...One, just in case anyone ever reads my blog that I don't talk to on the phone all the time, they will feel caught up; and two-This will serve as a journal and record for me throughout the year. Now that we have that understanding:

1. I am quite amazed that we have been away from home this long and will be home in now less than 1 week! Let the countdown officially begin!
2. I am stressing about how hot it is going to be at Speed Street......However, my bff Sheyna is preggers and I think that serves as the PERFECT excuse that she needs to go to the hotel room and rest in the air conditioning...and I need to drive her. Thank me later, Sheyna...Thank me later.
3. I am officially booked for my first appointment at a fertility specialist. I had to pay them money so it made it real and freaked me out a little bit. I mean, what if I have 6 or 8??? I know....God only gives us what we can handle....
4. Please pray that my assigned doc, Dr. Katz, has the knowledge to know what Olin and I need to do and can understand all of my "issues". Also please pray that he is a doctor that is firm in his faith. I know that this isn't something I will probably readily see in the office, but I can pray for it.
5. Please also note that aforementioned doctor graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. He is already a genuis in my book. I wonder if I wear some type of Tarheel paraphenalia into the office it will make me his favorite patient? Hmmm...Note to self....
6. We have made it all the way across the country and have to be back in Kansas tomorrow...We are in Pennsylvania! My dear husband hasn't been able to sleep...UGH! I will wake him up in a bit.
7. Jon and Kate are disgusting! Although, popular opinion states, and I agree, that we are happy the media are finally catching on to who they really are.
8. I have found more blogs, with the help of Amber and Sheyna, to get attached to. My husband thanks you.
9. Please pray for baby Stellan...he has had some bradychardia (slow heart rate) and SVT tonight. According to the latest tweet, MckMama isn't handling it as well as she had hoped she would. Please cover this family in your prayers.
10. I laid in bed this week with my husband, ate strawberry ice cream, and watched Notting Hill. Does it get any better people?

I will let you all rest That was longer than I thought it would be. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. (You all meaning...the 3 people that actually read this). Talk to you all soon!

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