Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fun

Ok...if you know me by now you will know that no week could have ever been complete without a wordle. I was thinking tonight how I should be grateful for everything I do have in life...instead of focusing on the things that I want to attain. I think everyone should have gives us something to look forward to! However, in looking towards my goals, I tend to miss what I have already been mercifully given. I am blessed, way beyond what some people will ever see in this life. I know that. I just need to REALIZE it. In honor of my "Aha" moment today (Olin, please pardon the Oprah reference), tomorrow I am going to try to go all day long without complaining about one single thing. Not crazy drivers that I have to battle, at least I have a job. Not about being tired, at least I am awake and can be. Not even about a dirty truck. We are able to walk-that's how we tracked dirt in. And the food crumbs? At least we have something to eat. My dead headset? I am blessed with many friends to talk to to keep me occuppied each day. You should check my twitter for updates on how I am doing. lol...I am sure my husband will hold me accountable to being honest. For tomorrow, and the rest of today, I am going to practice being grateful. All day long. To help keep me focused I made a little wordle of all the small things in life that I love. I am sure I forgot a few hundred of them, but it's a start. I can at least look at it throughout the day just as a reminder. ;o) Please keep me and my new goal in your prayers. Talk to you all again soon!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Wordle for your prayers!

Wordle: Faith

There are several things on my mind today. So, what better way to communicate them than through a wordle? How fun! Hope everyone is having a great day....and Sheyna....please post what your baby is growing this week! For Pete's sake!!!

A Wordle for your prayers!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 this is just getting ridiculous

I know....I should give up the computer and go to bed. 3 posts in one night? What the heck am I thinking? When you go to create a wordle, you can figure out how to save it. I, being technologically challenged however, cannot figure it out. Anyways.....Those of you that know me (which, all 3 people that read this blog) know that I have "issuses" with my earthly father. Tonight I was sitting here thinking about what kind of father would I want if I could pick. a ton of bricks...I thought, " have the perfect father!!!!!" So, in His honor, I created yet another wordle. I wish I could figure out how to save it because if I could I would have it printed to hang in my house. These are all the things I have always wished for in a father, and all the things that my Father does fulfill! BTW-these show up small but you can click on them and see them larger. This is it for the night, I promise. *Side note: My brother walked me down the aisle but God was there too. It took me a while to see it...but He was there...He whispered to me to hold it together when I threatened to wallow in the pool of self pity. He was present at the front of the stage. His love for me was, in a small part, manifested at the front in the man He had waiting there for me. He danced me through all of it. The parts I could have never walked alone. Heck, if I try to remember hard enough, I think He probably even told me I was the most beautiful bride ever.

Wordle: Untitled

wordles, wordles, and more wordles

I saw this on another blog, and thought these were wonderful!!!! As I am sitting in California and dreaming of home, I thought one with everything I miss from home would be quite fun! Go to to create your own!

Wordle: Untitled

Show Us Where You Live Friday

You guys are going to think I am crazy....but I wanted to participate in the childrens room for Kellys Show Us Where You Live Friday. I don't have babies, but I am going to post my dream little girls room and little boys room. So....on to the little girls room....

I found this bedding on Posh Tots. I know it could be made way cheaper than they sell it....but isn't it adorable???

I would go with a neutral colored rocking chair...that way it could be used in other rooms later on.

Now, you cannot tell me this table set isn't just to die for. Couldn't you just picture tea parties??? I especially love the carrot legs on the table...

Just a couple pieces of art I would be interested in...both courtesy of Etsy.

Now on to the boys room.....I would keep the same glider......The only difference is.....

I love the colors in all of this stuff! This is compliments of Posh Tots and Etsy. I love the idea of monkeys in a boys room because, after all, isn't that what they turn into? lol....I love the idea of using different colors in addition to your regular blue/brown mixture.

Anyway...there you have it...the virtual tour of my dream rooms! I could go into cribs, but the one I found for baby girls that I LOVE is $20,000.00. HA! My husband laughed and said that if I bought that he better be able to sit in it and drive it! Just a dream people, just a dream. Hope you enjoyed!!!