Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fun

Ok...if you know me by now you will know that no week could have ever been complete without a wordle. I was thinking tonight how I should be grateful for everything I do have in life...instead of focusing on the things that I want to attain. I think everyone should have gives us something to look forward to! However, in looking towards my goals, I tend to miss what I have already been mercifully given. I am blessed, way beyond what some people will ever see in this life. I know that. I just need to REALIZE it. In honor of my "Aha" moment today (Olin, please pardon the Oprah reference), tomorrow I am going to try to go all day long without complaining about one single thing. Not crazy drivers that I have to battle, at least I have a job. Not about being tired, at least I am awake and can be. Not even about a dirty truck. We are able to walk-that's how we tracked dirt in. And the food crumbs? At least we have something to eat. My dead headset? I am blessed with many friends to talk to to keep me occuppied each day. You should check my twitter for updates on how I am doing. lol...I am sure my husband will hold me accountable to being honest. For tomorrow, and the rest of today, I am going to practice being grateful. All day long. To help keep me focused I made a little wordle of all the small things in life that I love. I am sure I forgot a few hundred of them, but it's a start. I can at least look at it throughout the day just as a reminder. ;o) Please keep me and my new goal in your prayers. Talk to you all again soon!

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