Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Been A Long Time

Hi guys! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted but I'm back! (Not that anyone other than the people that know me actually read this thing...;O) Monday, July 13th, I got a phone call from someone that I have known/been friends with for a long time. This is a woman that, for a long time, has been a non-believer. She would go to church when her mom asked her to, usually a couple times a year, but that was the extent of her spiritual world. I, being still quite the baby christian, didn't know how to approach the gospel with her, or what would be too much to say. I just quietly lived out my life in front of her with my husband and step-son, and would occassionally answer questions that she had. Well, lo and behold, she called me on Monday and told me she had just given her life to the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were some shouts of joy, and some tears, and I just had to wake my husband up and tell him too! She thought I was being a bit melodramatic, and to her maybe I was. I remember people praising God when I got saved, and I thought they were a little loco myself. But you see, this is a HUGE milestone for her and a wee little one for me in my walk with God. This is the first time that someone I have prayed incessantly for, and someone that close to me that was previously unsaved, has been saved. I don't understand it myself. Maybe I did act a little loco. I am sure God will forgive me. I am sure He will forgive the dance I do in my house when I get home and can highlight her name in my prayer journal as an answered prayer as well. I don't think dancing in front of her would be a great idea just yet. My husband and I have committed to praying for her, as we both know that there is a long road ahead. A road that will be filled with twists, turns, confusion, regret, anger at having to give things up, etc. You see...Satan is going to try everything he can to get her back. I am sure he has already figured out her weak spots and will use them to try her until she doesn't think she can take anymore. My prayer is that when these times come, it is then she will run to God for the answers. I pray that I am given the words of encouragement that she needs to hear and the courage to say them. The thing that catapulted this decision for her was her father passing away last week. My other prayer for her is that when she begins to miss her earthly father, as she does and will continue to do, she will learn to curl up in her Fathers arms and tell Him about it. He so longs to hear her talk to Him! After all, He has been waiting 43 years to hear it!!!!! Congratulations, Jill. You are in my prayers all the time and I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another item I need to address is this: I read the most heart wrenching post yesterday and need to beseech all of you to read it as well. It is on Amy Beth's blog: The title of the post is "Scar". I am not going to kid myself and think I could know how to link directly to that post so that is the only lead I can give you. All I can say is that when the days on the road are hard, as they sometimes are and will continue to be, I need to be reminded to thank God that I am not left laying in a pile of garbage. My hope now is that we can learn of a way to help this orphanage and adopt these children. Please take a moment and read it.

Whew! That was a lot that I needed to get out! I think those are the only two major updates I had. By the way, happy anniversary Amber and Josh! ( I hope you two had a restful, relaxing time in the mountains, and I hope the real world welcomes you back slowly. Congratulations on the first 6 of many, many years!

Oh....and in case you read this and don't know.....Sheyna and Jonathan are having a baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( and Levi will be a big brother to a baby sister now! Pull out the pink! ;o) (and the smocked dresses...of which there will hopefully be many). I just wonder how early is too early to start her "dream wedding" book? If Jonathan reads this he will have a coronary. ;O) Congratulations you guys!

Ok...I am finished now. Seriously. I promise. Why are you still here? You should be on Amy Beth's blog by now reading the post I to go read. Go!

See you guys soon!

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  1. yay! So much good news to celebrate!!! :) I love you and I love your heart. Hurry home, I miss you.


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