Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

You guys are going to think I am crazy....but I wanted to participate in the childrens room for Kellys Show Us Where You Live Friday. I don't have babies, but I am going to post my dream little girls room and little boys room. So....on to the little girls room....

I found this bedding on Posh Tots. I know it could be made way cheaper than they sell it....but isn't it adorable???

I would go with a neutral colored rocking chair...that way it could be used in other rooms later on.

Now, you cannot tell me this table set isn't just to die for. Couldn't you just picture tea parties??? I especially love the carrot legs on the table...

Just a couple pieces of art I would be interested in...both courtesy of Etsy.

Now on to the boys room.....I would keep the same glider......The only difference is.....

I love the colors in all of this stuff! This is compliments of Posh Tots and Etsy. I love the idea of monkeys in a boys room because, after all, isn't that what they turn into? lol....I love the idea of using different colors in addition to your regular blue/brown mixture.

Anyway...there you have it...the virtual tour of my dream rooms! I could go into cribs, but the one I found for baby girls that I LOVE is $20,000.00. HA! My husband laughed and said that if I bought that he better be able to sit in it and drive it! Just a dream people, just a dream. Hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. I. Need. That. Table. For. Ally.


  2. Can you just decorate the nursery for me? Ok thanks, that would be great.


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