Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Finale

Hi! I know it's been a while since I've posted but it's been quite a busy time. Here goes my list....

1. I went home last week. Hooray! I never thought I would love the sound of my dishwasher running and tv droning on in the background so much.

2. I am already gone again. And I am already missing the things I mentioned above.

3. The boys went to the race, er...water park....and it was postponed until Monday. Out the window went the plans to spend the day with Olin and Seth. They finally got home (waterlogged and all) early evening. They did get to see a few laps, finally.

4. I realized after last weekend that I don't like to be away from my husband overnight. I am good with him going out and having a good time but then he needs (I need) him to come home. ;o)

5. I got stuff in the mail from Tastefully Simple, thanks to my friend Angie having a party. I only tried the Key Lime Cheese Ball while I was at home but OH MY WORD was it worth it. Amazing. Simply amazing.

6. Congratulations to my cousin Rebekah in LA for moving out on her own for the first time! What a major move.....I am proud of you and will be praying for you!

7. "Infertile Myrtle" here is doing this thing called ovulation and my husband LOVES that I am whiny, hurting, moody, etc. He just loves it people.

8. I am wondering if putting that I was ovulation was way too much blog info. Oh may stop reading at any time.

9. bff S is in the mountains for the weekend and I am green with envy. I know, I know....thou shalt not covet thy neighbor and all of that. I'm just saying is all.....I WANT TO BE LAYING IN THE HAMMOCK IN THE BEAUTIFUL SPRING WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! that the outburst is over...

10. I am going to be able to meet up with another married couple that works for our same company tomorrow! They are on their way to OH from CA and we are on our way from OH to CA. We will be meeting somewhere in the middle. Yay! It's nice to be able to connect with people out here when we are away from home so much.

Well peeps, that's about it. I am sure that sometime in the next couple of days my hubs is going to ask me to post a blog to his...seeing as my bff and her hubs got him a new book for his birthday that he has been ravishing and writing about. (Thank you from the bottom of my heart. No, really.....thanks. Payback...Payback...Payback.) I will try to post again next week. Until next time.....

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