Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As you turn 32

Dear Courtney...

As you turn 32 today, please don't forget the best times from the last year. You say you won't, but you will get busy "doing life" and forget about all of them! Just for you, I am making a list so you won't forget. It's how I roll.

-Your boys giving you Valentine's gifts a day early because they just couldn't wait. Seth gave you a matching teddy bear to the one he got you in 2009 when he said..."Look...he has the year on his foot. This way you won't forget the first year we were a family on Valentine's Day!" No I won't, Seth. Ever. :)
-Giving your boys books for Valentine's day and walking in and seeing them lined up on the couch, nose to the pages. Life father, like son. Love it!
-Seth's birthday party debacle of 2010. It was great...but way tiring. Next year will be easier.
-The debacle of 2010 debacle.
-Your first trip to the beach as a family. The one where you lost your bathing suit bottoms and your husband lost his wedding ring. Grateful that the first was recovered and the second can be replaced.
-Getting excited about finally owning a deep freezer. Wow how our priorities change as we age!
-Caroline turning a year old in August. It feels like this little girl has been in our family forever!
-Caroline staying with her Nana the whole weekend while you were at the beach. The boys worried more than you did! Caroline wasn't worried-Nana fed her all the table food she wanted and she came home more spoiled than she went-didn't know that was possible! Thanks a lot, Nana!
-Connecting with your dad on facebook. Who would have thought? Lol.
-Starting an outside project with Olin. One that isn't finished because you need more tools to finish, but it is well on it's way. And the fact that Olin is doing it just because you asked him to! :)
-Ashley moving to GVegas! The fact that you aren't there is a little sad, b/c you love that place, but the fact that she is there and you can visit anytime? Priceless! Now you need to make time to actually go!!!
-Seth living in Lincolnton. All the world seems a little better now for you. Now if you could just get use to the school schedule.
-Since last September, you have celebrated your first anniversary, hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at your house, and then vowed never to do it again! Ha!
-You played Santa for Seth this past Christmas. Probably your first and last year of getting to do it so you worked it all up! You guys made reindeer food, cookies for Santa...all the works! He loved it and I believe it may have warmed your heart just as much as it did his!
-Going to Elevation Church for the first time. It has rocked your God world and you couldn't be happier!

*I am sure there are more...However, it is 5:37am and this is my second blog post for the day so I am out of the ability to process coherent thoughts. I will add to it as I remember stuff....I don't want to miss anything! :)

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