Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010-or is it twenty-ten?

I know I haven't posted in forever..and in light of having computer and internet access all weekend I decided to make an effort at putting up a lame post. Now, I could inclued tons of pictures that would make it more interesting. However, I think that requires a little work. I am nothing if not lazy today. I did decided to introduce you to a new idea for my world for the new year...along with some resolutions that I really hope to do better at accomplishing than last year. So, without further ado..I present to you the most boring blog of the year.

1. My husband and I are planning to embark on a journey called the "Hallelujiah Acres" diet within the next month. We are going to the seminar at the beginning of February so we will make a more concentrated effort then. In essence, you eat only foods that grow from the ground. No meat. No dairy. No caffeine. I would feel the need to repeat those words for effect but I don't have the heart to retype them. No cheese????? What in the world will I do? We have committed to doing this for a year in order to get healthy and work out some health issues that I have. During the course of this year, we will be trying to get pregnant as well. I plan to chronicle the ugly truth (as well as all of the benefits I know I will get) from this diet throughout the next year. Think "Julie and Julia" meets Biggest Loser. HA! We will see how it goes. We have to quit smoking first so we will see if we both live through that! ;O)

2. I really want to work on being a better wife. I brought a lot of baggage into my marriage, which my husband knew about beforehand and willingly took on, but it isn't fair to him for me to not work on getting rid of it. He has offered to help and does everything he can to reassure me all the time. I need to break the bondage that the devil has me in and be free to be everything and more than he expects.

3. In an effort to be a better wife, I plan to wear make-up more often. It makes my husband really happy. (Ashley, think Chase raising his hand in church!) I tell him he only really notices and likes it b/c I don't do it often, but I want him to feel like I am giving him my best. Not just my pj's and baggage.

4. I want to strive to be a better friend. I love my friends, but there are times that I could be more attentive and thoughtful. I have friends that remember all of the small things. I tend to get overwhelmed and forget the small things and just look at the big picture. This can be good at times, but most of the time it isn't. If you are friends with me, and see me slipping, please tell me. In a loving way. ;o)

5. In working on number 4, I would like to practice being more of a "Mary" this year as opposed to a "Martha". There are many times I have missed stuff with my boys, family, or friends because I was too stressed out about there being a dirty dish in the sink. Or a dirty towel in the laundry basket. Or a blanket unfolded. Or I needed to get 450 things done before we could have Christmas dinner. I am missing the good times in life because I stress about all of the details. While I want my house to be clean and I want to create warm memories of holidays and family time for Olin, Seth, and I...I need to slow down and enjoy them WITH the other members of my family. I am missing too much of the good stuff.

6. I'll put in the obvious one of planning to blog more. I quit scrapbooking because I didn't have time (refer to number 5) so I plan to use this as my virtual scrapbook. I will have to blog more about Hallelujiah Acres you will see and hear more from me! Promise!

Ok...that is it. I am going to return to my regularly scheduled reading of Karen Kingsbury and the championship game of baseball between Olin and Seth. I love lazy Saturdays! (This is officially the longest blog post....E.V.E.R. on my blog. Sorry!)

Talk to you guys soon! What are your plans, dreams, goals for 2010......or is it twenty-ten to you?


  1. So glad you posted!! I love you!

  2. By the way, I gave you a blog award today!


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