Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hallelujiah, Thine the glory!

Ok...so my hubby and I made our first attempt at Hallelujiah Acres diet yesterday. Notice I said attempt. We are doing "Naked Juice" (which makes me laugh) and fruit for breakfast. I found out the juice isn't the greatest choice because it is pasteurized. Blech... We are also doing salads, fresh veggies, nuts, etc. By dinner, I found out from my MD that I had a UTI. After stopping to pick up antibiotics, I told my husband that my stomach was about to eat my spine. I told him I was "sick and fragile and I needed chik-fil-a for dinner". He told me I was crazy. I pouted and got my chicken sandwich! I am sure Patrice at the Williams Family Blog would be proud of my effort to get a hold of chik-fil-a. Today I have done much better but I feel like I am about to starve. The easy way to get protein on this diet is through beans, but I can't have a lot of those b/c of the carbs. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I wish I could pack my grandmother in my bags and she would live with me for a year and cook all of my food. I'm just saying, is all.
On another note, we are in Texas. Again. Not that I don't appreciate Texas. Everything is bigger here, so I feel like I fit right in. I just don't like spending more time here than I do at my home in beautiful NC. Just saying.
Well, this is officially going to go down as the most. boring. post. ever. Ashley asked for one...although I think she was looking for a little humor. I don't think I will try to switch carreers to comedian anytime soon. Or spelling bee champion. Whatever. Love you guys....pray I don't shrivel up and fly away with the texas tumbleweeds!!!

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