Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbits

Good morning, all....from sunny California! Actually, it is raining here. And the locals? They freak out in rain like Carolinians freak out in an inch of snow. Ahem.......Not much time so you will get a list.

1. I am currently "borrowing" internet from the place we are delivering. It is unsecured wifi so that can't be stealing, right?

2. I am assuming since it is a place of work, they had a little trouble with their employees on the internet and they blocked facebook. I thought about asking them to unblock it for me but if you refer back to number 1, you will see why I didn't.

3. If my allergies didn't hate me out here, and the liberals weren't so plentiful, I would pack up tomorrow and move to San Diego. Yes....you read that right. It feels like spring time and it is beyond wonderful. It warms my heart.

4. My lovely church Elevation (www.elevationchurch.org) is having an Americana theme this coming Sunday and after the 11:15 service there will be a carnival. Not sure if we will make it but if you are in the Charlotte area you should check it out! As Sheyna said...they don't do anything halfway so I can only imagine it will be wonderful~

5. Speaking of Elevation.....The Sunday after next they will begin a series called "The "F" Bomb". I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor. Back yet? The F stands for forgiveness and people-I am about to crawl out of my skin waiting on it to start. There are many people in my life who I have tried to forgive through the years but somehow I am still in bondage from my past. I want to shout about this series from the rooftops because I feel like it will be life changing for some people. Please check it out online if you aren't in the Charlotte area. www.elevationchurch.org. Go to media and then sermon archive. The sermons are posted the day after they are preached.

6. Speaking of the aforementioned series...I think I am going to blog all the way through it. I think it will be my constructive way of working through it. To be quite honest, I am a little nervous about it. I am expecting it to challenge me and pull me in directions that I have never gone before. I am giddy like a school girl. I want nothing more than to be free of bondage from my past...and I can assure you that my husband wants that for me too. And I want it for him.

7. I apologize (well, not really) for rambling so much about the series. I CANNOT CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT.

8. Seth was accepted into the 6th grade in the charter school! We were a little worried because students that have been in traditional public schools are usually a bit behind charter school students. We have some work to do with him over the summer to get him totally up to speed, but she says we should be good in the fall!

9. The last time we were home we travelled. Which we were expecting. The time before that we ended up being gone the entire time we were home. That was unexpected. This time when we get home? Olin has informed everyone that if they want to see us they will have to come to our house. If I don't deep clean soon, I am afraid that the health department will shut my house down. I say we are living in filth. Some people would tell you I am being a bit melodramatic. However, if it motivates me to clean, I am erring on the side of drama. Just sayin'.

10. I always end with ten. Why break habit now? If you are still reading it is an absolutel miracle. Please be praying that Olin and I are led to jobs that will allow us to provide for our family (off the road) and that we find them in a timely manner. I know our timing isn't always God's timing.....I am just hoping He sees it the same way I do. Hey...didn't say I was a perfect christian.....Just keepin' it real. I know the job market is a difficult one right now, but He has opened every other door to allow us to come off the road and make major changes in our lives. We are trusting that He has already made provisions for work.

Thanks for reading....See you all again sometime really soon........Hopefully, sooner than later. I am trying to get better with the whole blogging thing. We'll see if it works out.....


  1. Does your church broadcast the sermon's on the internet? I would love to follow that! I've had something happen lately and it's going to take a miricle from JESUS to get me to let it go. LOL I would love to follow along...

  2. Julie, the site is elevationchurch.org and if you click on the media tab, it'll let you choose sermons. Good stuff on there girl! :) You should come up so you can visit sometime, like no church you've been to before. Will be praying for you in what you're going through!

  3. I would love too! I might could piggyback with Ashley and Chase one time :) I go to newspring which miggghttt be along time same lines from what I hear :) Thanks for the info!!


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