Sunday, October 3, 2010

Falling in love with Fall!

Just a post to catch you up on what is new in the Wiggins family!

1. Can anyone else feel the fall in the air? The hubs and I can and we love it! We just got all of the stuff to make smores so when the little man is with us next week, that's on the schedule!!!

2. I just celebrated my second wedding anniversary with the greatest man I have ever known! We went to dinner in Charlotte at the Omaha Steakhouse and it was wonderful! He took me to Ikea before, because he speaks my love language, and we did a little Christmas shopping!

3. Speaking of Christmas, I have made a jump start on shopping. Woo hoo!!!!! Now, I am trying to con my husband in to letting me start decorating for Christmas. I think I am slowly wearing him down. I just want my tree and village up!!!

4. Um...the little guy has all B's in school! You have no idea what an accomplishment this is for all of us! We are so proud of him! When I got his grades, I decided a celebration was in order. We had a small cake from the store, and when he got home from school and I told him, he told me he was going to go put on his celebration clothes. This consisted of his pj pants and a t-shirt. Um....I love this kid! He is taking after me in his idea of celebration clothes! Love it!

5. I am oficially 32 years old. I need to add some more memories to the memory post but haven't done it yet. Call me slack. I say it's old age.

6. If anyone has any wonderful ideas for homemade Christmas ideas, please pass them along!~ We are looking to focus on the meaning of Christmas the most this year and less on materialism. That doesn't mean that nobody will get gifts, but that certainly won't be the focus. I am looking for homemade gift ideas, traditions that are neat, etc. You can comment on here or email me at

Ok...that's it you guys. I am off to read some more of Sun Stand Still and try to lure my husband in from the outside. He loves this weather as much as I do! Talk to everyone soon! Happy Fall, Y'All!

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