Thursday, April 16, 2009

The dreaded first post

I have labored over the "first post" for days. I have written, erased, re-written, several times. I read several blogs already and all of those women possess these wonderful writing skills. You know the blogs...the ones you can't wait for a post to go up because you know you will either get a good laugh or cry out of it. Well...I must face it...My blog may be that one day, but not today. Today I will just be happy to have the first post out of the way. ;o) It's a lot of pressure, people. I guess the lesson I'm learning from this is not to worry so much. Ummmm...yea, probably God it TRYING to teach me that one but it's not working out so well so far today. What can I say? Just trying to be honest, people. But this is the fun in learning lessons. Let's face it, sometimes you don't get it the first 200 times, but one day you figure it out and it's a great "Aha" moment. Keep reading...maybe one of these days I'll have one of those! ;O)

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  1. Yay Courtney!!! I'm so glad you posted, now you're clickable from my blog. Don't try to write like everyone else, just be you. Your story is such evidence of God's grace... and I can't wait to hear it told over and over again, through your lessons. You have so much to share. :) Love you, girl!!


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