Monday, April 27, 2009

A List

Ok, since everybody (well, at least the 2 people) that read this blog know that I love to make lists, I thought I should post one tonight. It makes this whole "blog" a bit easier for me. Ahem.....

1. I am so ready to be home it is unreal. I just want to go to bed in MY bed with my husband, and get up in the morning to the sound of opposed to the smell of diesel fumes and engines. (Patience, my dear child...Patience)

2. My neighbors dog got ran over tonight. Makes me grateful that Carter Ann never is allowed to play outside alone. I don't know what I would ever do! It also makes me re-think ever getting another dog due to attachment issues.

3. I got to spend the afternoon with Shane and Kealey and it was great! I had mall time, Kohl's time, and DQ. What more could a girl ask for? I learned that time away from the hubby gives us time to miss each other and it is nice to be missed now and again.

4. I will admit now that I quit driving early because I was somewhere I could get internet. Shhhhh......don't tell O. Oh wait, he is one of the 2 people that read this. Oops!

5. S, I am dying for week 20 or so so we can know what colors to start buying. I need to know if I can purchase 1 smocked outfit or 100. I know, patience again. Told you I wouldn't get it the first 100 times.

6. I am really really happy that baby Stellan gets to fly home tomorrow and spend the night in his own house, and MckMama gets to spend the night with all of her MSC and PC. Imagine how excited she must be!!!

7. I am typing this and realizing that this post is getting longer than it should. I am going to go now and browse the net. I love online shopping. Did I ever tell you all that?????


  1. I loved your list!! :) Keep blogging. It makes me happy when you have something posted. And we need to get S to start posting something too!

  2. Love your list! I might just steal that idea and do it sometime on mine too! Love you!!


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