Friday, March 12, 2010

In The Circle

Olin and I are finally home, and exhausted. It's been a couple busy days that only promise to get busier over the weekend. There has been a huge lack of sleep lately and we are running behind on chores, etc. However, this morning a 10 year old succeeded in making me stop dead in my tracks. Take a deep breath. And finally feel what it is like to be in the circle.

You know the one I speak of-the circle of parenthood. Late last night, Seth said.."Oh, I forgot. We have parent breakfast this week and tomorrow is the last day and I really want you guys to come with me." Did you read that right? Parent breakfast? You see, his grandparents offered to go earlier in the week and he declined, telling them it wasn't grandparents week and he would wait until we got home and could go. He would wait for Olin. And he would wait for me. His parents. I immediately said that we would go, and then let the reality sink in for myself. You see, I have to take the small victories. To some parents, it would be another thing they have to go to the school to do. For me, especially since he is in his last grade of elementary school, it may be my first and last chance at a parent breakfast.

We got up at 6am. 6 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Ahem...Showered, and were out the door on our way to what I just knew would be a gourmet breakfast! As we were walking into the school, I kinda caught my breath when he reached for my hand. How long will it be before it is embarassing to him to hold my hand? As we walked down the halls, you could see him walk a little straighter as he was proud to have us on "his" turf. I marveled at all of the napkin dispensers and hand washing stations that were at waist level for me. We got in line and got a plate full-french toast sticks, grits, juice, fruit, and toast. Pretty good, if I do say so. ;O) We sat at tables that threatened to lock me in and keep me there for life, or until I got skinny enough to get back up. Seth had the time to talk openly about school, and activities they do. You see-it was HIS time. No cell phones, no computers, no pressing chores to do. As the bells went off and announcements were made, I was taken back to my days in elementary school. A school cafeteria is quite the time traveller. As we left for the day, with talks of what we were going to do this afternoon, I couldn't help but get a little lump in my throat. I couldn't help but think that this may be the only time I ever get to do this. And I want to remember every. little. thing. about. it. I want to remember the chairs, the smell, what we ate, what he was wearing. I want it all kept in a pretty little package with a bow on it. I feel like today was a little bit like my "icecicles from God". Which is why this post came about. Thank you for indulging me.

You know-I'm not really a breakfast food person. Today I was. And it was the best breakfast I have ever had.


  1. I am sobbing! beautiful post, beautiful story, beautiful friend. thank you for sharing this.

  2. So sweet! You are such a good mom to Seth!

  3. Ok I know I'm late reading this, but I wanted you to know that I think this is an amazing post. If I wasn't in court I'd probably cry a little! Courtney, you are an amazing MOM! I love you!


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