Friday, March 5, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

I am not coming here with anything important to write. Therefore, I will make a list of our comings and goings for the last couple of weeks. Lists are how I operate. It settles down all the craziness in my brain. It put things in order.

1. We are in California...again. We started in NC, went to Oregon, came to Cali today, and will be back in Oregon in the morning and in PA by Tuesday. Grateful to have a job....also grateful that my couch and bed are waiting on me at home.

2. In preparation for family photos, I will be getting my hair "did" Wednesday night. I am getting it cut, colored, and highlighted. I feel like I have been in a hair slump for quite a while (too long to mention) and need to get out!!! I am going to spend some time researching hair styles today. I'm all jacked up about it!

3. Have I mentioned the family photos? Oh, I have. Well...have I mentioned who will be taking them? And spending the weekend with us????? Drumroll please.....
None other than Amy Beth! Yes, that's right...THE Amy Beth from Sheyna told her we were making a paper chain. I am afraid if she really knew how exicted we were she would RLH in the opposite direction! Ha! She seems to be just as excited..and more than the pictures we are all looking forward to getting to meet her!

4. Just you wait until you see Seth's outfits for the pictures. That kid is cute enough to have for a snack. ;O) He agreed to wear one outfit that I chose(which would get him beat up on the playground at school) and I got him one outfit that he chose. This day should be interesting!

5. Shane, David, and Kealey will be at my house with their dog, Polly. I can't wait to see how Caroline will react to having another dog on her turf. Maybe I can get her use to the idea before she gets to spend time with her betrothed Artie. Oh, how I hope she uses her manners!

6. I am simultaneously planning picture weekend, a trip to Disney, and hopefully a trip to Charleston. I am in list heaven...or should be. Only, I don't feel like making any of the lists necessary for any of these projects. I got the number 1 writted down for the "picture weekend" list over dinner...and seriously, that's as far as it got.

7. I have decided that I hate paying bills online. It really just unnerves me but it is the best way to handle it on the road. Go figure.

8. Did I mention that Amy Beth is going to be in my town? Ahh...I forgot. Well, I will mention it again. AMY. BETH. IS. GOING. TO. BE. IN. MY. TOWN.

9. I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

10. I feel obliged to end it with 10. Although, I don't really have anything to write. Oh, just thought of one. If you were interested in doing the mail thing, look for a form to be heading your way via email or snail mail soon. (sending it via email seems quite contradictory to what we are trying to do here...but I feel like it will get it all started quicker. Thoughts?)

I'm off to research hair-do's and do-nots!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your hair! Can I suggest another list for you since you are the list queen? We need a list of fun things to do with our girl time during picture weekend. :) I'm excited!


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