Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Snippets

Just wanted to post and kind of wrap up the week. Not a whole lot going on here-and I am very grateful for that! I will post in list format-again-because it's my blog and I can list stuff if I want to.

1. My friend Ashley had a show this weekend and from what I hear, it went great! Congratulations, Ashley! And Chase-I'm glad you made it through in one piece. ;o)

2. We got home this morning around 4am. I was up before 8. Curse the inner clock! I need sleep!

3. My husband is gone to the store to get the stuff to make homemade hoagie pizzas for dinner. My belly is growling just thinking about it!

4. Say a little prayer for my family. I'm not sure who all reads this blog so I won't go into details yet, but please know that God will know what your prayers are for!

5. This is the first week in a long time that we made it to California and home in 1 day less than a week! Our trips have been taking up to 9 days. This is definitely an answer to prayers.

6. Our four legged daughter, Caroline, was sick this week. I have decided that sick children and dogs freak me out. She had an ear infection, but I am pretty sure we are on the mend now!

7. I am ending this blog. I am going to make dinner and then I am going to bed.

8. Yes, I know it is only 6:34 pm right now..and actually? That makes me happy. ;O)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Thanks for the shout out! The show was amazing and I'd do 6 more this week if they'd let us! :-)
    2. I hate that darn inner clock!
    3. That made my stomach growl too!
    4. I'm praying!
    5. This is an exciting one...maybe that girl's weekend isn't too far away...
    6. I'm glad my sweet doggie-in-law is on the mend...
    7 & 8. I'm jealous...I'd totally go to bed at 6:34 if that was possible!!!! :-)


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