Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is a public service announcement....

In order to keep from repeating the story several times, and my husband going insane from hearing it, here's what happened today in a nutshell. YOU ARE WELCOME.

*Disclaimer: I am on pain meds. Need I say more?

I started having lower abdominal pain the night before last, but nothing major. Yesterday evening, I was having a lot more. I had a very restless nights sleep and was ready to go to the doctor at 8am. The tests in the office showed fine, except my white blood cell count was up. She sent me for a million ultrasounds and they all showed fine. Long story short-she thought it was diverticulitus-which if it was bad enough could rupture and cause a long list of non-palatable medical problems. She said if the pain increased I would have to go to the ER immediately. I woke up at 4pm and the pain was a lot worse. I showed back up to the doctors office and they immediately sent me for a CT scan. I had to drink 3 cups of NASTINESS. At the end of the day, they ruled that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. They should have picked that up on the ultrasound. I am relieved, and frustrated that it took all day to figure that out. However, I am home in bed with the hubs now and relaxing finally. I will say this-If this is how a ruptured cyst feels then I have never had one before. This was a pain I had never felt. I have been miserable all day. That is, until the happy pills kicked in about an hour ago. Thank you all for your prayers throughout the day today. I don't know how long this pain is supposed to last, but hopefully it will be over soon. After all, we have a very important guest coming soon to a town near us!
Ok...I'm falling asleep writing this,so whether it makes sense or notI am going to hit publish and hope for the best. I'm sure you guys will hear from me tomorrow on this blog thing. ;O) Love you all and talk to you soon!

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  1. so sorry it took all day and so many tests to figure it out, but so GLAD that you know now what is going on. Praying for you to feel better, special guests are coming! :) LOVE YOU


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