Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like.....Something.....

I have a lot about nothing notable going on....but thought I would catch up with the ol' blog world. We are in the midst of trying to prepare for Christmas. Try would be the key word here. My shopping won't be finished until tomorrow, we have family dinner on Christmas Eve to prepare for, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, and so on and so forth. Not sure if it looks like Christmas around here or mayhem.

I did get up earlier than everyone else this morning (not unusual) and straighten up the front of my house. Then I realized it wasn't quite daylight so I plugged in the tree. It was very nice to sit here in total silence and look at the Christmas tree lights with a house that was picked up. Not sure how long this will last today, but it was a good start!

Not sure if anyone else experiences this, but Seth's Christmas list keeps changing. Good thing we didn't have his big gift bought yet or he would have been stuck with it. The last thing he tells us is what we will get tomorrow. Then it's done.

As we slide quickly into Thursday, my prayer is that I quieten this crazy chaos in my head before church tomorrow night. It is the one thing I am looking forward to before Christmas and I am hoping it straightens my perspective during this season. Seth has asked every day if it is the day we are going to church. I think he's excited too. :)

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! May we never forget that it is really for celebrating the birth of Jesus and God's sacrifice in sending us His son. It really is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. It sure beats socks and underwear. :)

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