Monday, December 20, 2010

A List of Reasons

This morning, a list of reasons why husbands are awesome.

1. They warm up the car on cold days.

2. Mine is a travelling space heater, and he never minds warming up my ice pop feet!

3. Olin is a fabulous cook. My body shape is a testament to this. :)

4. He gets me. All the quirkiness that is me.

5. Pillow talk. AWESOME.

6. I have a helpmate. I am not in this alone. Such a relief.

7. Accountability. He is my partner in this. He calls me out on things that I would never let anyone else see/hear me think/do. He is the little white angel on my shoulder arguing with the devil on the other shoulder.

8. He puts up with my singing. If you knew how much of a sacrifice to his ears this is, you would know why it is impressive. He even says that I sound good sometimes. (Little white lies like this that he tells me to boost my ego never hurt anyone:)

9. I get to watch him be a wonderful father. To his two legged son and four legged daughter. They both have him wrapped around their little fingers and paws and I. LOVE. IT.

10. He would give me the world. He can't, but gladly would if he could. Just because.

I look forward to adding to this list from time to time. Olin does things everyday that amaze me. I want them recorded in this virtual journal of mine so that one day Seth can see what an amazing man he is as a husband. I want this list to remind me on days that I am ungrateful. I want Olin to have this list so that he will know the little things he does are not missed.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas season! Praying that my family remembers to focus on the real celebration of this season.

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