Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Wise Men and Christmas Miracles

A wise man once said to me..."There is always some type of storm in our life. Not on a daily basis, but after one storm, another one comes up. This is when we can see the work of God. And sometimes we are the victim in the storm but it is all to glorify Him." Then he quoted the song..."Through it all, I've learned to trust in Jesus. Through it all, I've learned to trust in God. If I never had a problem, I wouldn't know He could solve them."

The man I write about is the Pope. He had this conversation with me in the ICU waiting room while his wife of 51 years lay in the Neurological ICU due to, they believe, an infection in her brain caused by her ear drum rupturing-leading to bacterial meningitis. I just had dinner with her a couple weeks ago. She had made gingerbread houses with her grandson on Friday.

I was prepped before I walked back. "It's going to be hard to see her, but you can look at her through the window before you go in to prepare yourself." We talked with doctors, listened to them give reports as we watched her through the glass walls. We methodically put on our robes, mask, and gloves. We were surrounded by machines beeping, doctors talking, the smell of antiseptic, and the sound of the doors opening and closing as people came and went. All of them had a reason to be there. All of them had someone they loved behind those curtains.

For the record, I wasn't prepared for this. But that's how God works sometimes. If He preps us for new things that He is going to teach us we would be like Jonah and try to run and hide. Sometimes He has to thrust us into the situation and teach us as we go. As I walked the long hallway to the elevators, and entered into the waiting room with several other families, I wondered where my days of teenage immortality went to. For the record, I think they jumped out of the 5th floor window at Baptist Hospital. I can tell you that it is a new level of adulthood when you are going to visit and support your best friend as her mother is in ICU. I didn't think we were old enough for our parents to be this sick. I don't think I wanted to be this kind of an adult yet.

However-He will get the glory. He will be honored in it. He is the same God in the valley as He is on the mountain top. He isn't surprised by any of this and He is working out big plans. While this seat may be as comfortable as a concrete block, what a great seat it is!!! How often in our lives do we get a front row seat to watch God work hour by hour??? I may not have been ready, but He was. And just for the record, I can't wait to watch this Christmas miracle unfold. Sometimes we are the victim. But He is ALWAYS the Victor!


  1. Courtney, excellent post. Like your blog site as well. Do you live in Ashe County?

  2. @ Susan-I do not. I actually live in Lincolnton, NC. I have been friends with the Pope's youngest daughter since they lived at the beach! Thank you for your sweet comment and I hope you enjoy the blogs! I don't post everyday-but I'm trying to get better!

  3. I just "found" you as a result of a prayer email from Faith Fellowship (we go there when we are in Ashe Co.) We've had some opportunities to "see God work" that are astounding, & I always marvel @ His timing, His "choices," & sometimes even His sense of humor.
    I look forward to returning to your blog!
    Come visit mine sometime when you have a chance:


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